We are working together with german and a range of international media and press representatives. Newspapers, journals and magazines are in cooperation with the Art 28 GmbH and the respresented artists.

Art28 - GoodToKnowIn our new portfolio “Art 28 – Good to know” you will find all information about the comopany Art28 GmbH, about all services and all strategic objectives.

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Berlin WALL_ArtThe catalog “Berlin WALL Art” presents the exclusiv project around the repainting of pieces of the Berlin Wall. In distint styles and techniques each artist painted a theme on a piece of the former border wall. All wall pieces are exhibit at the famous Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

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Image copyrights for James Rizzi and other artist belong to Art 28 GmbH & Co. KG. All informations, presskits, pictures and photos you will receive on demand

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