RVis well-known as R.V. from the graffiti walls of New York to the galleries in Milan or Berlin. The recurring symbolism come up from his passion, fear, hope and thoughts to improve humanity. The simpel outlined figures and pictures express social issues and comments.

His art was developed during the „graffiti movement” in the 70s and 80s and made him to the famous street art performer. For him this movement was the perfect expression, which has been transformed on walls and public spaces for the audience.


Gallery 30Works, Cologne Bodpainting Performance and Paintings as Hommage to Yves Klein
Repainting of a piece of the Berlin Wall

Kunsthaus Schill, Stuttgart art fair europe 2009 Urban Art Experience, City Arts Factory, Orlando, Florida

Bridge Art Fair, Wynwood Arts District, Miami, Florida
RV’s Fears, Frustrations & Paranoias, RV’s Studios, Orlando, Florida
Pintura – Internationale Graffiti Konferenz, RV’s Studios, Orlando, Florida

Urban Art Experience, Orlando Museum of Art Art as Metaphor, Orlando Museum of Art
The Prophecies, Orlando Museum of Art Shop

2006 – 2008
Board of the trustees of the Orlando Museum of Art

Urban Art Experience, Orlando Museum of Art

Orlando Furioso, Casselberry, Florida
New Works, Church Street Gallery of Contemporary Art, Orlando, Florida
Participation on the second independent International Biennale for graphics, St. Petersburg, Russland

Paradies – Alexanderplatz, Berlin
The Art of Living, The Lofts of Winter Park, Winter Park, Florida

Man’s Fears, Frustrations & Paranoias, Studio D’ARS, Milano, Italy
Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool, Great Britain
M.A.I.S. IV, the good and the bad, Liverpool, Great Britain

M.A.I.S., Berlin 2001 – Representative artist for the USA Museum in movement, Mazzotta, Milano
The Americans are Coming, Studio D’ARS, Mailand

Sculpture path, representative artist for the USA, Steinhagen/ Germany
New York City Street Art, Kiel/ Germany
Street Art & Graffiti, Studio D’ARS, Mailand

Prima Generazion, Studio D’ARS, Milano institute for design, Milano

The Artful Toy, Artist Unlimited, Tampa, Florida

New York City Street Art, La Posteria, Milano
Strata, Geninzano, Italy
Nude Nite, Orlando, Florida

Skulpture Exhibition, Arts Mall, Winter Park, Florida
Tampaworks/Tampa Moves, Tampa, Florida

Reading section in the Museum for Contemporary Art and Design, San Jose, Costa Rica

Art in Motion, The Cutting Edge, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida
Anxious Times, Weber State College, Ogden, Utah

Museum for Contemporary Art and Design, San Jose, Costa Rica
Warehouse Gallery, Orlando, Florida
Acquisitions, Cornell Fine Art Museum; Winter Park, Florida
Art of Ecology & the Cutting Edge – Art after Dark, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida

Texan Ivy Fine Art, Orlando, Florida
Social Conduct, Vero Beach Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, Florida

RV: Artworks 1982-1992 Retrospective, Cornell Fine Art Museum, Winter Park, Florida
Jacob Karpio Arte Contemporaneo, San Jose, Costa Rica
Fashion Moda, Bronx, New York

Pop Goes the Easel, Below Zero, Orlando, Florida
Motion as Metaphor, Virginia Beach Center for the Arts, Virginia, Florida

Warehouse Gallery, New York Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida

1980 – 1981
Special professorship at the Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida

1976 – 1977
lecturer of  sculpture at the New York University, New York

Graduation as Master of Arts at the New York University, USA

Graduation as Bachelor of Arts at the Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky, USA

Substitute lecturer at the Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky

1970 – 1972
lecturer at the Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky

born in Dension, Iowa

Official Website Robin van Arsdol R.V.

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