Tamir SheferTamir Shefer’s art combines elements of pop art, of comic and prehistoric art. In alluding to industrialisation, modernity and
prehistoric times it is trans-temporal; in suggesting elements of Western society, the Moche, Maya, and the Solomon Islands it is trans-cultural. His art is witty, funny and rascally; it is soothing in its overwhelming richness. In exhibiting the exotic next to the familiar it is bewildering and enchanting, puzzling and fascinating. Above all, it is spirited, ingenious and auratically decorative.

Tamir Shefer’s pictures look at us at least with two eyes, sometimes with several hundreds. Exotic masked beings in the foreground beam us hypnotically into alien worlds that do not seem to know the laws of time and space. When looking at Shefer’s wooden box-pictures, for example, the nonsynchronous is as co-existent as it is re-arranged: industrial artefacts may cavort with the prehistoric, tentacular tubes may sprawl from a strange masked man who, again, is all eyes, looking straight ahead and to the side, while rolling over bones and skulls like a tank.



Smart Design Award

Member of the jury for selecting artwork for the
Tel-Aviv 100th anniversary celebrations

Cumming Soon – Vitrina Gallery, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

“The City Mouse” Tamir Shefer – Art Work, Gallery on the Cliff, Natanya,Israel

Tamir Shefer – Artwork, Sheraton Tower Hotel, TelAviv,Israel

2005 – 2006
High Touch – Herzliya, Israel

2005 – 2006
Tuli Balbuli – stage design

2004 – 2007
“Omanut La’am”, traveling exhibition

Masks – Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod, Israel

City Mouse – Art Work, Gallery on the Cliff,Natanya,Israel

2004 – present
Zman Masa – Lev Leviev Foundation – education program for elementary schools

2004 – present
Lecturer in Interactive Design at BezalelAcademy of Art,Israel

Ach-Ach Boom-Trach – stage and costume design for The Arab-Jewish Theatre in TelAviv,Israel

2003 – 2004
EL-AL –comic demonstrating on-fl ight stretching exercises

Kent Explora – Digital Art, Kalesher Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Here and Now –IsraelCenter for Digital Art,Holon,Israel
Video Zone – Israel Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

2002 – present
Lecturer in Visual Communication at H.I.T. (Holon Institute of Technology),Israel

2002 – 2004
The Hole – art group for experimental comics

2000 – 2002
Pif – design illustration for a variety of games for children

1997 – 2001
Head of Interactive Design Program at VitalSchoolofDesign, TelAviv,Israel

Comics by the Bit – TheCartoonArt Museum,San Francisco, USA

Founder and Editor of Ha’buha,Israel’s fi rst alternative comic art magazine

1989 – present
Design and Illustration Studio

BA in Industrial Desgin

1985 – 1989
Studies Industrial Design atBezalelAcademyof Art

born in San Francisco


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