15. – 19.02.2013
Ambiente – Frankfurt Fair: Art 28 presents itself, all artists and projects for the first time on this fair.


04.01. –  31.03.2013
GOP Variete, Essen: exhibition and premiere of the show “Wundertüte” with paintings of Ekaterina Moré.


01.12. – 14.01.2013
JonghART Gallery – Brügge, Belgium: exhibition with Ekaterina Moré.


21.11.2012 – 01.03.2012
LV1871 – Munich: group exhibition Anastasia May and Ekaterina Moré.

04.11. – 31.12.2012
Bilder und Rahmen Weishaupt – St.Vith, Belgium: exhibition with selected paintings and art pieces of James Rizzi.


26.10. – 23.11.2012
Burgauer Galerie – Burgau: exhibition with Ekaterina Moré. Presentation of new art work and the book  “Frauen in der Kunst”. Opening at 7 p.m..

23.10.  -30.12.2012
Galerie Otto Buchinger – Linz: exhibition with originals and 3D constructions of James Rizzi.

12.10. – 19.10.2012
AIDA: Ekaterina Moré on board of the AIDAmar in the Mediterranean Sea.

06.10. – 31.10.2012
Zürichsee Galerie – Zürich: exhibition and lecture with Ekaterina Moré. Presentation of the book „Frauen in der Kunst“.

06.10. – 31.12.2012
Galerie Bohn – Lörrach: exhibition with originals and 3D constructions of James Rizzi. Opening on 5th of Oct. at 7p.m.


29.09. – 15.10.2012
Galerie am Kettwiger Tor – Essen: exhibition and book presentation with Ekaterina Moré. Opening on 29th of Sept. at 3p.m.

Art In Glass – Düsseldorf/Heerdt: presentation with Ekaterina Moré. Opening at 2p.m.

13.09. – 07.10.2012
Galerie Augustin – Wien: exhibition with art works and prints of James Rizzi. Opening on September 12th at 5p.m.


06.07. – 13.07.2012
AIDA: Ekaterina Moré on board of the AIDAdiva in the Mediterranean Sea.


Industriemuseum Lauf – Fürth: exhibition „Monster – Kunst – Maschinen“ with Patrick Preller and Robin van Arsdol. Vernissage on June 14th only with accreditation at info@art28.com. Official opening on June 17th. 


Ostseegalerie – Timmendorf: Exhibition ” Super Heroes” with Lisa Grubb.

International Festival of Animated Film – Stuttgart: exhibition with Lisa Grubb during the festival in the book store Hugendubel.


29.04. – 03.06.2012
Düren: First official exhibition in memoriam of James Rizzi

27.04. – 15.05.2012
AIDA: Tim Davies on Board of the AIDAsol in the Baltic Sea to St.Petersburg.

07.04. – 14.04.2012
AIDA: Ekaterina Moré on board of the AIDAluna.

01-04. – 31.05.2012
Art Galerie Richter – Berlin: Presentation of the FILA James Rizzi Sneakers


15.03. – 27.04.2012
Nassau Beach Club – Mallorca: exhibition with Künstler Herman in the famous Nassau Beach Club at 6.30 p.m..


11.02. – 03.03.2012
Kunsthaus Schill – Stuttgart: exhibition with Ekaterina Moré. Exhibition starting at 14 p.m. Presentation of the book „Frauen in der Kunst“.


29.01. – 29.02.2012
Galerie Zettl – Mallersdorf: exhibition with Künstler Herman: Kunst – Kaffee – Kuchen ab 14 Uhr.


Heisse Exklusiv – Lüdenscheid: exhibition with Künstler Herman

Galerie Anders – Lünen: exhibition with Künstler Herman

Galerie Z– Landau: exhibition with paintings of James Rizzi

Galerie Zettl– Mallersdorf: exhibition with paintings of James Rizzi.
Report in the Bavarian Television BR in the report Weissblau
With registration via brigitte@galerie-zettl.de.

Art Gallery Wiesbaden – Wiesbaden: exhibition with paintings of James Rizzi

Galerie Kersten – Brunnthal: exhibition with paintings of James Rizzi
and metal sculptures of Patrick Preller


27.11.2011         K9 Spa – München: Signing hour with Künstler Herman 3p.m
K9 Spa München

24.11..2011        Galerie Kunsthaus Frenzel – Heroldstatt: vernissage with paintings of
James Rizzi and meta sculptures of Patrick Preller,
exhibition: 25.11.-17.12.2011
Galerie Kunsthaus Frenzel

18.11.2011         Galerie Udo Lindenberg Walentowski – Hamburg: exhibition with E.Moré
Walentowski Galerie


21.10.2011         MIVA Gallery – Malmö: exhibition with Künstler Herman
MIVA Gallery

15.10.2011         Galerie Udo Lindenberg Walentowski – Hamburg: exhibition with
paintings of  James Rizzi
Walentowski Galerie

14.10.2011         Kunsthandlung Kugel – Duisburg: exhibition with paintings of James Rizzi
Kunsthandlung Kugel

12.-16.10.2011  Frankfurt Book Fair 2011: presentation of the city guide James Rizzi
„My New York“ on October 12th 11a.m. at the booth of
Marco Polo Mairdumont on the fair Frankfurt
Marco Polo Mairdumont

08.-10.10.2011  Art Fair Europe – Nürnberg: Trade Fair for tableau and frames
Art Fair Europe 2011


16.09.2011         Kulturraum Speyer – Speyer: exhibition with Künstler Herman
Vernissage on September 16th at 7:30p.m.
Kulturraum Speyer

12.09.2011         Bilder Prat – Linz: exhibition with Ekaterina Moré until 08.10.2011
                             Bilder Prat

03.-04.09.2011  Garden of master painter Ahle: art meet garden
with Künstler Herman. Friedrich-List-Str.6, Paderborn,
always from11a.m. until 7p.m.
garden art


08.-18.08.2011  Ekaterina Moré on board of the AIDAsol in the Baltic Sea to St.Petersburg

       Hof Galerie Sylt – Morsum: exhibition with James Rizzi
Hof Galerie

06.08.2011         Die Ostsee-Galerie – Timmendorfer Strand: exhibition of James Rizzi

02.-04.08.2011  Rizzi exhibition on the AIDAbella ship cruise. Rizzi is on board
on August 2nd in Rome


20.07.2011         Galerie Kocken – Kevelaer: special exhibition James Rizzi.
The exhibition end on september 11th!
                             Galerie Kocken

17.07.2011         Café am Münster – Moosburg: Signing hour
with Künstler Herman.

06.07.2011         Kunsthandlung Langheinz – Darmstadt: Vernissage
to the exhibition of Künstler Herman. The
exhibition ends on August 6th 2011
Kunsthandlung Langheinz


23.-26.06.2011  Die Ostsee-Galerie – Timmendorfer Strand: exhibition
                             of Lisa Grubb

19.06.2011         30Works – Köln: exhibition of Robin van Arsdol R.V.
Finissage on June 19th 2011 at 3p.m.


12.-28.05.2011  F.G. Conzen in der Trinkausgalerie – Düsseldof: “La Musica” exhibition
of Ekaterina Moré

23.03.2011         Artgalerie Richter – Berlin: “Jede für Sich” exhibition of Ekaterina Moré
and Antonia Gerke

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